New Valamore area in 'Old School Runescape'.

Old School Runescape has introduced a huge new area to the existing map of Gielinor as part of a new update.

Valamore offers players a variety of new features, including quests, contests, boss battles and different ways to train existing skills.

Known as The Shining Kingdom, players will have needed to complete the Children Of The Sun quest to access Valamore which can be reached via a giant quetzal bird located outside Varrock’s eastern gate.

Once there, Old School Runescape players will be able to continue the Valamore questline with Twilight’s Promise and unlock the Quetzal Transport Network. Elsewhere, the Perilous Moons quest is aimed at mid-level players and features three demi-bosses and the opportunity to earn loot.

Old School Runescape players will also be able to train thieving in the streets of Civitas illa Fortis while a new hunting guild can also be found in the city. A new, low-intensity mining area can also be exploited while bone shards can be offered up to the Varlamorian god Ralos at Ralos’ Rise in exchange for prayer XP. A new range of clue scrolls is also available in Valamore as well as new shooting star crash sites.

Valamore also introduces a new wave-based combat minigame at Fortis Colosseum. “As the waves progress, you can expect combinations of enemies that will test the skills of even the most seasoned combatants,” said Jagex in a dedicated blog post. “Unlike other wave-based minigames, as the difficulty increases, so too do the stakes. After each wave, you’ll be offered a choice: swallow your pride and leave with the loot or risk it all on the next battle – you’re here to put on a show, after all.”

Players will also be able to adjust a number of modifiers between waves to make the oncoming battle easier or harder. Rewards include the the ranged-boosting Dizana’s quiver, thrown weapon glaive of Ralos, new sunfire runes and prayer-boosting fanatic sunfire Fanatic armour

The Valamore update launched earlier today (March 20) and is the first of three planned updates planned for the area.

Earlier this year, Jagex confirmed it was working on an HD update to Old School Runescape that would be unveiled in the next few months.

Meanwhile, RuneScape creator and Jagex co-founder Andrew Gower has shared a trailer for his upcoming RPG Brighter Shores.

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