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Olivia Rodrigo has suggested she may eventually release some songs that didn’t make the final cut for her new album ‘Guts‘.

The singer was speaking to Zane Lowe about her second record, which was released yesterday (September 8), on his Apple Music 1 show, when he asked how many songs she’d worked on for the album.

“Probably like 25, not anything too crazy,” Rodrigo answered. “I think some of them will definitely see the light of day. I don’t know. In crafting an album track list, there’s just intricacies. Like, oh, too many of these songs and I want to save this for later, and stuff like that. So I bet some of them will see the light of day.”

The artist also went into some more detail about some of the songs on the album.

“I really love the song ‘All American Bitch’,” she said. “It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I really love the lyrics of it and I think it expresses something that I’ve been trying to express since I was 15 years old, this repressed pressed anger and feeling of confusion or trying to be put into a box as a girl. So yeah, I think that that’s one of my favorite songs on the record.”

Olivia Rodrigo guts
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Meanwhile, on the subject of album closer ‘Teenage Dream’, she added: “That’s actually the first song we wrote for the record that made it onto the record. The last line is a line that I really love and it ends the album on a question mark. The line is, “They all say that it gets better. It gets better the more you grow. They all say that it gets better. What if I don’t?”7

“I like that it is like an ending, but it’s also a question mark and it’s leaving it up in the air what this next chapter is going to be. It’s still confused, but it feels like a final note to that confusion, a final question.”

Rodrigo debuted ‘Get Him Back!’ live on ‘The Today Show’ to celebrate the release of the album yesterday to celebrate the album’s release – check out footage of the performance here.

In a five-star review of ‘Guts’, NME wrote: “‘Guts’ doesn’t just feel transitional in a musical sense. It marks the end of Rodrigo’s teenage years, a moment that has gravity given that she recently said in a statement that she felt like she grew “10 years” between the ages of 18 and 20.

“Here, she offers blunt self-analysis while reflecting on wider cultural ideas of performance and swallowing anger in order to comply with the wants and needs of others. It works as a display of real power, range and versatility – all of which Rodrigo possesses in abundance.”

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