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Outriders demo

Developers People Can Fly have updated the demo for Outriders after players complained about the removal of legendary item farming opportunities.

On Friday (March 5), People Can Fly made a change to the game which prevented chests from dropping legendary items, in order to prevent farming.

A tweet from the developer said, “Having listened to very reasonable community feedback, we have enabled the Gauss boss chest to drop Legendaries again as we should indeed be rewarding boss runs.”

Progress from the demo of Outriders carries on to the main game, and as such the developers were wary of unbalancing the full game experience.

In a post on Reddit they originally wrote that, “the lootcave discovered via the triple chest-run, as well as the store exploit, do not feel to be within the spirit of the game. To that end, we are redirecting farming efforts to mechanics in the game that may be more enjoyable for players to play through and repeat.”

The Outriders demo has been downloaded over 2million times since its release in late February. Since its launch there have been a handful of updates to the demo, in response to connectivity issues, and in order to patch other minor issues.

The game is set for release on April 1, after the game was pushed back twice, first in October 2020, and then again in January 2021, in order to focus on making sure the experience was as complete as possible.

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