Following the release of a new Oxenfree patch, it seems that the villains of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals are breaking into the original game.

A new update for Oxenfree was released in July, adding a ton of Easter eggs for fans to find teasing the upcoming sequel, and now the developer has begun tweeting out spooky posts after the latest patch released (thanks, PCGamesN).

“We tried to stop it,” Night School Studio tweeted, some of the characters obscured with grey boxes. “We failed. Signals are breaking through into Oxenfree and we can’t block them, no matter how many patches or changes we [make] to the game. We’re in [trouble]. All of us.”

Along with the mysterious statement, a distorted 18-second video is linked showing brief flashes of gameplay from the first game along with the voice of a character shouting presumed to be the protagonist, Riley Poverly.

On September 9, Night School shared the patch information, saying in the partially-obscured tweet: “If we’re going to beat [what] ever is invading the [radio] waves, we’re going to need your [help]. [Harden] Tower. [Epiphany] Fields. [Fort] Milner. Download this new patch, [go] there, and tell us what you hear.”

The day after (September 10) another post was shared simply stating that “more signals” have appeared in-game, requesting help from players. It’s all very strange.

As PCGamesN pointed out, fans discovered that these radio signals were teasing the events of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, and were acting as an introduction for the villains of the upcoming title, the Parentage.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals was announced earlier this year and is set five years after the events of Oxenfree. The game follows Riley as she returns to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio signals. The game is set to launch on Steam, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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