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Park Seo-jun has addressed criticism about the pace of Gyeongseong Creature season one and what viewers can expect for season two.

In a new interview with The Korea Times, Park Seo-jun spoke about how he has “seen reviews about season one’s [slow] pace”, but assured viewers that the upcoming second season will be “definitely much faster-paced and has unexpected elements”.

“The story needed to have a solid build-up with season one to let viewers enjoy the different aspects of season two,” the actor added, saying that he feels like viewers might need to re-watch the first season when the second is released.

Elsewhere during the interview, Park Seo-jun also touched on how he was “eager” to try his hand at a period piece. “The fusion of a historical series with the creature genre felt remarkably distinct,” he said. “I was intrigued by the prospect of portraying a character living in that era.”

“I don’t chase popularity,” he added. “I’m simply grateful to those who enjoy the work I do. While people around me may have had concerns when I joined the series, personally, I didn’t have any such worries.”

Park Seo-jun previously spoke about how he was unfazed by the mixed reviews for Gyeongseong Creature, saying that “happens with every project” and he was personally “satisfied” with the K-drama.

In a glowing four-star review of Gyeongseong Creature season oneNME‘s Rhian Daly described the K-drama as “a gripping story that’s not for the faint-hearted” with lessons that are “applicable to many barbarities currently happening in our world right now”.

Meanwhile, Netflix previously confirmed that Gyeongseong Creature season two will premiere sometime this year, with director Chung Dong-yoon teasing that the new batch of episode will “present a story with a completely different charm”.

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