KISS frontman Paul Stanley has defended former Vice President Joe Biden when a supporter of President Donald Trump asked if the Democratic candidate kissing his son, Hunter, was appropriate. John Cardillo, who frequently posts criticism of Biden and the Democratic Party, shared what appeared to be a studio portrait of Biden and Hunter. Biden is kissing his son in the black-and-white photo, while Hunter looks to camera. Cardillo wrote: "Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?" Cardillo's post triggered a strong reaction on the social media platform, with many users weighing in, including Stanley, who wrote: "Yes! And so needed. Sadly some parents believe they make their sons stronger by withholding affection. Those children will bear the scars. Being comfortable showing them love and affection at any age lets them build and model on true strength & not on the fear of appearing weak". This is the second time the KISS guitarist/vocalist has publicly come to Biden's defense in less than a week. Several days ago, a top staffer with Trump's campaign compared the feel of former Biden's ABC News town hall to that of an episode of the beloved children's show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", prompting Stanley to respond: "In these times to be mockingly compared to Mr Rogers shows just how much we need to push the reset button. When did we start looking down our noses at kindness and empathy? To be compared to Mr Rogers should be a badge of honor. Let's rethink what we emulate & what is truly cool." Stanley has been increasingly outspoken on political issues on Twitter in recent months. Back in August, he blasted Trump for claiming his opponents may steal November's election. A month earlier, he encouraged his social media followers to vote in November, saying that "we have a responsibility to our past and to our future." In April, Stanley blamed a shifting media environment for sharpening partisan divides, saying that Fox News and CNN viewers and live in "different realities." Last month, Stanley dismissed misinformation about voting by mail, some prompted by the president, including false claims it will lead to widespread fraud — despite evidence showing such fraud is extremely rare. Experts say mail voting has proven remarkably secure.

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