Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is set to host a new radio show on SiriusXM.

The show will be called ‘Saddest Factory Radio’ after the singer-songwriter’s label, Saddest Factory Records, which she launched last year.

‘Saddest Factory Radio’ will see Bridgers in conversation with a number of artists, including signees to her label MUNA, Sloppy Jane, Claud and more.

It will also feature Bridgers sharing some of her favourite songs with listeners.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Bridgers said: “My favourite way to consume music is incidentally — something playing in the grocery store, an opening band I’ve never heard, a college radio station while trying to find signal on a road trip.

“I hope I can offer something like that to people who tune in.”

She continued: “In my personal life, I have always had a radio show. Punishing my friends on road trips with hours of dirges and ambient music, I can’t wait to do it professionally.”

The show will premiere this week on March 3 at 6pm ET (00:00 GMT) and 9pm ET (03:00 GMT) on SiriusXMU.

Subsequent episodes will arrive on the first Thursday of every month, with encores continuing throughout the weekend.

Bridgers has kept busy in the year-and-a-half following the release of her second studio album, ‘Punisher’.

As well as launching her own record label, she also shared the ‘Copycat Killer’ EP of reworks.

‘Punisher’ received a five-star review from NME, and was previewed by the singles ‘Garden Song’, ‘Kyoto’, ‘I See You’ and ‘I Know The End’.

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