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Season two of the hit Korean reality TV show Physical: 100 is currently airing on Netflix – read on for updates on both eliminated and remaining contestants on the show.

Physical: 100 brings 100 individuals from various athletic backgrounds and pits them against one another in gruelling tests of physical ability – from strength and balance to endurance and strategy.

The show was created by reality show producer Jang Ho-gi, and made its debut on Netflix in January 2023 to great fanfare. Now, back with season two, Physical: 100 ups the ante by being set in a giant underground mine and a number of already renowned contestants vying for the final $230,000 cash prize.

Now that all nine episodes of Physical: 100 – Underground are out on Netflix, read on to find out the status of all 100 contestants this season, who made it to the final quest, and who emerged as this season’s crowned champion.

Here are all the eliminated and remaining contestants of Physical: 100 season two:

Eliminated contestants

Episodes 2-3, First Quest Eliminations
Lee Jang-jun
Hunter Lee
No Seung-hyuk
Jang Yoon-sung
Kang Ki-jun
Kang Seung-min
Lee Kyu-ho
Ju Sung-min
Kim Min-ho
Hwang Chan-seob
Kim Hee-hyun
Moo Tae-bum
Jeon Jong-hyuk
Yoon Han-jin
Lee Hyun-jin
Kim Hye-bin
Park Hee-jun
Park Seung-hee
Heo Kyung-hee
Amber Yang
Shin Soo-ji
Choi Soo-in
Kim Nam-wook

Episodes 4-5, Second Quest Eliminations
Hwang Choong-won
Kim Dong-hyun
Sim Yu-ri
Lee Jun-ha
Jo Ha-rang
Kim Do-hyeon
Kang Young-soo
Kim Ki-hyuk
Lee Jang-kun
Kim Hyeong-kyu
Kim Amugae
Go Min-jung
Hong Da-eun
Jung Ji-hyun
Seo Young-woo
Ha Moo-kyoung
Kim Ji-eun
Jang Jun-hyuk
Chong Te-se
Jang Sun-yeop
Eom Dae-hyun
Kim Dam-bi

Episodes 6-8, Third Quest Eliminations
Lee Won-hee
Park Da-sol
Ham Young-jin
Lim Soo-jin
Kim Yeong-chan
Kim Dong-hyun
Jung Dae-jin
Ko Jung-hun
Lee Ho-yeon
Wi Sung-oh
Chang Yong-heung (voluntary withdrawal)

Episodes 8 to 9, Fourth Quest Eliminations
Park Ha-yan
Seol Young-ho
Kang Cheong-myeong
Lee Hyun-jeong
Jo Sung-bin
Lee Jae-yoon
Joo Min-kyung
Jung You-in
Power Who YAMI
Park Woo-jin
Kim Min-su
Lee Jang-kun
Kim Jee-hyuk
Jung Ji-hyun

Episode 9, Fifth Quest Eliminations
Justin Harvey
Andre Jin
Hong Beom-seok

Final winner


The new season of the hit reality series became the most viewed non-English show for the week of March 18 to 24, logging 6.1million views with 25.3million hours viewed. This notably occurred just over a week after it premiered on March 19.

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