Transparent Sunglasses has collaborated with POISON drummer Rikki Rockett on a limited-edition design. Rikki tweeted: "I can't believe they named sunglasses after me. Thank you so much Margot, you rock! " Rockett's collaboration with Transparent, which is priced at $150, is described in the following way on the company's web site: "Enjoy effortless style and rockstar cool with this handcrafted walnut wayfarer, including maple on the interior as special nod to Rikki's drumming stardom." Founded in 2019 by Margot Hogan, Transparent Sunglasses wants to change what the significance of sunglasses can be. Hogan described her own experience with sunglasses to as being "something both magically simple and fun about being able to make a bold statement with just one accessory. And so I decided to combine my love for sunglasses with a passion for confidence: designing sunglasses that inspire you to celebrate who-you-are." The name "Transparent" therefore is a signifier of both sides of the business — the sunglasses, but also, being yourself.

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