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19-year-old British singer Mimi Webb has an unassuming sense of style and a voice that hits like a belt of brandy. She’s recently signed a deal with Epic Records, and has now released her debut single “Before I Go”.

Webb co-wrote the song with rising Rory Adams and English producer Digital Farm Animals. Over anthemic piano chords and swelling strings, Webb sings of a moment so perfect, she wishes she could freeze time. Her vocals are smoky, sweet, and sharp. It’s easy to see why Epic is excited, because it’s easy to imagine her in so many styles. She’s got enough bite to roar over rock guitars, the technical chops to sell a ballad, and the velvety grace to acquit herself in Bieber-esque R&B.

“Before I Go” was inspired by an evening Mimi Webb spent with her boyfriend as she prepared to leave home and pursue her dreams. In a statement, she said,

“It’s a song I wrote about my boyfriend who I had to leave when I left Brighton. He was lovely and charming and brilliant and I just wanted to hit the pause button and hold onto every memory we had in that very moment.”

Listen to “Before I Go” below. Mimi Webb will be releasing a music video for the song on April 30th.


Pop Singer Mimi Webb Shares Debut Single “Before I Go”: Stream


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