6: Siege The Board Game. Credit: Mythic Games.

Mythic Games has announced that its crowdfunded Rainbow Six Siege board game will need more funding in order to be printed, with backers being asked to pay from £31 to £102 more.

Back in 2021, Mythic launched a Kickstarter to fund 6: Siege – The Board Game, an official board game adaptation of Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

While the game is now ready to print, Mythic has issued an update warning that printing can only go ahead if existing 6: Siege backers send more money to the studio.

“The combined crises of COVID and the war in Ukraine, which we had not anticipated, have changed the international situation,” explained Mythic (Wargamer, via Kotaku). “Prices have literally exploded in all areas, and the estimates on which we based ourselves before and during the Kickstarter campaign are absolutely no longer relevant.”

Mythic cited 50 to 100 per cent increases in paper costs, doubled labour costs, and a 50 per cent increase in the cost of energy and materials. Additionally, the studio said it “spent much more than expected” developing the game.

While backers in 2021 were given three tiers of funding to opt for, all three tiers will now be subject to price hikes if backers still want to receive their copy of 6: Siege. The £55 edition will require an extra £31, those who paid £158 have been asked for another £79, while backers of the £214 version will need to pay another £102.

As noted by Mythic, those “unwilling or unable to pay” will not receive a copy of 6: Siege in October, but refunds will be available for those who choose not to pay.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Six Siege continues to be updated with new operators, with the shooter’s newest season set to be revealed next Sunday (May 14).

Back in March, we found that the community behind Rainbow Six Siege “stands taller than ever,” nearly eight years after the game launched.

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