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Ray BLK has shared new single ‘Lovesick’, a “revenge song” that will feature on her long-awaited debut album.

It’s the singer’s second release of the year, following her track ‘Warriors’, which featured on the soundtrack to the film Rocks.

Speaking about ‘Lovesick’ in a press release, BLK said the track was about “taking control and reclaiming your power after being disrespected in a relationship and getting even.”

“I’m always trying to empower women not to take disrespect sitting down but to keep a distance from people who don’t make them feel good about themselves and boss up because success is the best revenge,” she said.

“It’s a big theme of not just this song but my overall debut album. Even me rapping on this song was me taking back control, as a black female artist in the UK there’s a lot less support all round, including in getting features from other artists. After finding it so difficult I just said fine forget that then, I can actually do a better verse than a lot of these guys.”


She added that her rap verse reflects “a new wave of outspoken female artists who aren’t afraid to take full ownership of their sexuality and remind women that they are in control, and to only give their time to relationships that are valuable to them and make sure they are being cared for because a woman of value isn’t free.”

Ray also came up with the creative concept for the music video, which you can watch above. “I want women to watch this video and listen to this song and be inspired to step away from anybody whoever played with them and focus on stepping themselves up and trying to build an empire,” she explained. “That is how powerful I want people to feel from this song.”

The star was one of a number of performers to take part in Wireless Festival’s virtual event Wireless Connect in July. In a review, NME‘s Nicolas-Tyrell Scott said her set saw her “stun with her neo-soul geared numbers, but not before she pays tribute to Black Lives Matter in a powerful freestyle that sees her lay bare all of her concerns and appreciation for the movement.”

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