Red Dead Redemption 2

A new mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 has changed the entire game on PC, as it improves the wildlife, weather, character systems and much more.

Modder no12 has created Vestigia, which is a mammoth new overhaul of the entire game, and has been in the works for over a year. Improvements include the weather, wildlife, NPC behaviour systems and more, which is sure to make Red Dead Redemption 2 feel even more real (via PCGamesN).

Creator no12 describes the mod as “four mods in one”, with each additional called a “module”. The weather systems allow changing temperatures and add in rain and sun transitions, meaning that torrential rain lasts longer and transforms more gradually into cloud and sun. The visual module focuses on the appearance of the weather over its actual behaviour, as low clouds, dust storms and fog coverings are now rendered in more detail, making the immersive nature of the world feel even more so.

Flora has had some attention, meaning the forests have a thicker underbrush and the terrain reacts to lead character Arthur’s presence much more. For example, jumping into water will generate more bubbles, adding to the believability.

Check out the mod in action below and download it here.

The fourth module increases the pedestrian limit in towns or cities to 255 and adjusts their AI so they are more likely to interact and talk with one another. This level of NPC interaction is another step towards a more lived-in and realistic open world for Red Dead Redemption 2, and will change the entire feel of the game in densely-populated areas.

Vestigia also adds more birds to the sky and ensures that animals will only spawn in realistic and sensible locations. Animal AI has been completely overhauled too, to add to the realistic and immersive goals. You can download Vestigia for free to feel the massive refresh of the game for yourself.

In other news, the Australian classification board has rated Inscryption for the PS4, but the game is currently only available on PC.

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