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Rumours from multiple sources have suggested Resident Evil 4 will receive a remake, and now more details have followed.

Following the popularity of both the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes, rumours have swirled that the most popular game in the franchise, Resident Evil 4will also be receiving the same treatment. While Capcom has yet to officially announce the project, director Shinji Mikami believes there is “a lot of potential” in the supposed release.

Now according to a report by Fanbyte, many more details have come to light. Most interestingly, the Wesker concept art which was leaked by the voice actor during his stream appear to have come from a cancelled Resident Evil Revelations sequel, rather than the fabled remake. As this was the most official information available on the remake, rumours that it even exists are even shakier.

Resident Evil 4 VR
Credit: Capcom

If the sources who spoke to Fanbyte are to be believed then the remake is being developed by the team behind the more popular Resident Evil 2 Remake team, and is set to be announced officially this year. It will reportedly not be a scene by scene remake either, which Mikami would approve of considering he wrote the script in just three weeks.

Apparently, more of the game will take place at night and side-characters will be given much larger storylines and roles in the story. Notably, the missions featuring Ada Wong, Separate Ways and Assignment Ada, will be combined and fleshed out to give the her storyline the same attention and polish as the rest of the game.

All of this information is still rumoured however, so nothing mentioned is for certain until Capcom officially announces it.

In other news, Ubisoft staff have responded very negatively to the NFT based Ubisoft Quartz programme in leaked messages.

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