Someone has created a first-person remake of the original 1996 Resident Evil game, and you can download the beta right now.

Richard Aiken, the creator of the fan-made game, has uploaded their remake onto itch.io under the name Biohazard (thanks, PCGamer). The description of the game, which is in beta and available to download for free, was made with Unity and is still in development.

According to Aiken, their fan-made game revisits the original Resident Evil game we’re so familiar with and is “made for the fans without any intention to make a profit”.

As of right now, those who download can explore the Spencer Mansion and shoot pixelated zombies using WASD controls on PC and, as the ‘Biohazard Test Game 01’ video shows, the firing mechanics seem pretty on point.

Several images alongside the download link on itch.io show close-up screenshots of in-game items such as Rebecca Chambers’ Raccoon Police Department ID as well as the iconic dining hall located within the Spencer Mansion.

Back in June, a team of Resident Evil fans released a demo for a remake of 2000’s Resident Evil: Code Veronica. At the time, the team said that their aim was to recreate the entire game in the style of Capcom‘s official remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

The team said that they created the remake “for the love of the franchise and for sheer fun” with no commercial purpose. The demo consists of the opening area of Code Veronica and features 3D environments and a dynamic camera.

In other news, it looks like belts are not completely vanishing from Final Fantasy XIV.

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