Apex Legends developer, Respawn Entertainment, has released a moving video to raise awareness of mental health issues and remind players to talk to their friends and loved ones.

In the five-minute video posted on Twitter, the Respawn Entertainment team talks openly about their own mental health battles as well as the struggles that their loved ones have faced. Talking candidly, Chin Xiang Chong, lead game designer of Apex Legends explained how he had “certainly thought of suicide myself” in the past, and Fred Gill, head of technology discussed how his daughter has also struggled with mental health problems.

The video also explains a new badge in the game, as devised by Shawn Price, senior producer on Apex Legends, who moved on to creating the design after working on the Pride badge. As he explained, he wanted to “take the stigma off of suicide prevention and awareness”. The badge is heavily inspired by a semi-colon as it’s a “go-to symbol” for people who support or know of people who have struggled with such issues.

The badge has a bar running across it to “symbolise that you would read it as a sentence and that it doesn’t end…it just continues” while also demonstrating Respawn’s commitment to the issue. “We want to discuss these things,” explained Price. While Chong points out that such a badge seems like a “small thing” that it shows that its users “care and support the cause” which can make a difference when supporting those in need.

With a focus on how people should talk about their issues wherever possible, the tweeted video also includes a link to Suicide.org to help those who need to talk.

The video concludes with Gill explaining that “we all from time to time can have mental health problems” and to “look out for your friends and check in with them regularly”. “Ask them twice if they’re OK,” being the key advice, and to “watch out for each other”.

For help and advice on mental health:

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