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Spencer Grammer has said Rick and Morty is prepared to work on new episodes remotely while in lockdown if necessary.

The actress, who voices Morty’s sister Summer on the show, told NME recording on season 5 has begun, and remote voice work is entirely feasible.

“It works, it’s all totally fine, but it’s not as great,” Grammer began. “It’s sort of like doing a Zoom conference rather than doing an in-person interview. You’re different in person than when you’re remotely talking to somebody through a little computer box. We’ve recorded it that way but it’s just nice to see them.”

The actress explained she often records from a sound booth in New York while the main hub is in Los Angeles, but also said the possibility of lockdown recording from home is there.

“They sent me a microphone so I set it up in the closet in my father’s house in upstate New York, and some of the lines are in last week’s season premiere – we do record all the way up until it airs honestly!”

Asked whether further episodes could be recorded entirely in lockdown, Grammer said: “We could feasibly, but it would be hard, to be the audio mixer as well as doing the lines.

“A couple of lines is okay but I’m not gonna act that well when I’m in a closet holding my laptop looking at it with the mic set up six inches from my mouth… it’s a lot! But we can do it.”

Rick and Morty returned for the second half of series 4 on Sunday night (May 3), leaving fans somewhat confused by the first new episode in months.

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