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Japanese-British popstar Rina Sawayama has released a short teaser for an upcoming documentary on the making of her debut album, ‘SAWAYAMA’. The video features a collection of footage from her tours, studio sessions and day-to-day life.

Watch the teaser for The Making Of SAWAYAMA below.

Rina Sawayama released ‘SAWAYAMA’ earlier this year in April. In the trailer, the singer can be heard expressing her fears during its creation process.

“It’s scary to alienate some people,” she says of the shift from her 2017 EP ‘Rina’ to this album. “The sound has definitely changed. It’s quite sad and angry, and it kind of reflects my overall feelings towards the world.

“You just never know. People are savage online, you know? You never know how it’s going to get received. I can only make it super authentic to how I’m feeling. I could sell out on the second album, sure, but my first album is pretty precious to me, and I have a lot to say, lyrically.”

NME gave ‘SAWAYAMA’ a five-star review, praising her “skill at turning nostalgic influences into future-facing pop songs with brilliantly candid lyrics”.

The review acknowledged Sawayama’s ability to channel rage surrounding racist micro-aggressions, ex-boyfriends and unnecessary wealth and abundance into shiny, nu-metal anthems for the modern era.

‘SAWAYAMA’ also made a fan out of Elton John, who hosted the singer on his Apple Music radio show, Rocket Hour, and introduced her by saying, “It’s so wonderful to talk to you because so far you have made my album of the year. This is my favourite album of the year.” He went on to say ‘Bad Friend’ is a song Madonna “would die for”.

Sawayama has offered up little other details about ‘The Making of SAWAYAMA’, which currently does not have a release date. In the meantime, behind-the-scenes content can be found on her YouTube channel.

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