Robbie Williams performing live onstage in 2019

Robbie Williams is hoping to head back out on the road later this year.

The former Take That singer’s 11th solo album, ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’, arrived in 2016. It was followed by his 2019 festive record ‘The Christmas Present’, which featured guest appearances from Jamie Cullum, Rod Stewart and more.

Williams’ residency at Las Vegas’ Encore Theater was cut short in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, with his last UK date taking place in London in December 2019 (via Setlist.FM).

During a recent interview, the ‘Rock DJ’ artist said: “Hopefully I’m going to go on tour at the end of this year. But you see how this year has gone (via Music-News.com).”

Referring to the ongoing impact of COVID restrictions on the music industry, he explained: “I think every summer we’re going to think it’s over and then every winter it’s going to come back.

“Every time I’ve had a guess that this is going to be over, I’ve been completely wrong.”

Robbie Williams performs live. CREDIT: Getty

Williams continued: “It’s terrifying for many, many reasons but personally and selfishly I haven’t been able to gig, I haven’t been able to do a tour.”

Elsewhere, a source told The Sun‘s ‘Bizarre’ column: “Robbie’s dream of getting back out on the road is something he wants to make a reality.

“This year could be tough, but knowing Robbie, anything is possible.”

Williams will return for a gig at Vale Park Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent in June. He’s due to play another outdoor concert in Munich, Germany this August. The latter date will be one of the soloist’s biggest shows to date.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams has made the claim that he was the target of a hitman at the height of his career.

Looking back on a time he was “ridiculously famous”, he explained: “I’ve never, ever said this, but I had a contract put on me to kill me. I’ve never said that publicly before. It went away. I have friends. That stuff is the unseen stuff that happens when you become famous.”

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