RuneScape Necromancy. Credit: Jagex.

RuneScape is getting its first new stand-alone combat skill – Necromancy.

The brand-new combat skill will launch on August 7 and it’s free to players up to level 20.

“Necromancy will be one of RuneScape’s premiere updates for 2023,” said an official release. “The new combat style will challenge both experienced and new players alike as they embrace their inner darkness and learn this ancient combat art across a lore-filled and deep adventure.”

Along with the announcement, RuneScape developer Jagex revealed a new trailer:

The new powers players will wield with Necromancy are described as “arcane and dark” – much as you might expect. As part of the new skill, players will be tasked with entering Gielinor’s underworld to commune with the dead and ultimately free them.

“Together they will grow their powers and defeat The First Necromancer.”

The Necromancer skill is essentially tied into a new quest line that pits you against two new bosses – Hermod, the Spirit of War, and The First Necromancer himself. The questline also introduces those new mechanics, unlocks, and rewards.

As for the combat skill itself, Necromancy is delivered unto your foes via the Death Guard – a new weapon that allows the use of necrotic skills. It pairs with the Skull Lantern off-hand which allows players to conjure the dead to aid them in battle.

Alongside the new combat skill, there are also rituals – a non-combat training method that allows players to gain experience and gather materials by attracting spirits to the City of Urm, releasing them into the Well of Souls. It’s essentially a puzzle mini-game that lets players channel necrotic energy.

Incantations allow Necromancers to enhance their skills – using Runecrafting, you can create four new Necrotic Runes that you’ll use to cast these powerful new spells.

“Witness Death’s plea for the heroes of Gielinor to pick up the dark art of Necromancy to rebalance the cycle of life and death,” says the official release.

RuneScape originally launched back in 2021 and is one of the longest-running MMORPGs in gaming.

In other news, a new Red Dead Redemption rating has sparked rumours of an upcoming remake or remaster.

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