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Street Fighter x Fortnite

Two iconic Street Fighter characters – Ryu and Chun-Li – are being added to the growing roster of crossover characters in Epic GamesFortnite.

The two fighters’ induction into the popular battle royale game was revealed via a trailer on Friday, February 19. In the clip, the two fighters prepare to face off against one another in a retro Street Fighter II arcade cabinet, before they’re unceremoniously sucked into the Zero Point.

Watch the trailer below.

The character skins can be purchased on Saturday, February 20 at 7PM ET/1AM BST via the in-game store. Like all other purchasable skins, these will cost 1,500 V-Bucks apiece. The Ryu and Chun-Li skins first leaked online hours before Fortnite had officially announced their arrival in the game.

Ryu and Chun-Li are the two latest additions to the growing roster of crossover skins in Fortnite following last week’s Tron reveal, and DC’s The Flash the week prior. Other recent additions include Terminator and Sarah Connor and G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes.

In other Street Fighter news, longtime fans of the franchise were left scratching their heads earlier this week when Jezebel reported on the new Mortal Kombat film trailer. In the article, writer Shannon Melero lamented the omission of character Chun-Li from the film. Fans were quick to point out the error, and used the opportunity to turn the blunder into memes, which prompted the publication to post a clarification afterward.

“Jezebel has discovered the answer to our question about Chun Li’s erasure, and it is that Chun Li is not part of the Mortal Kombat megaverse. Wow!” reads the correction.

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