Salt & Sacrifice

Ska Studios has announced a release date for 2D Souls-like Salt And Sacrifice, alongside an extensive blog detailing the game’s player versus player (PvP) gameplay.

In a PlayStation Blog article posted yesterday (February 10), developer James Silva confirmed that Salt And Sacrifice will launch on May 10.

Following the release date announcement, Silva shared more details on what PvP in Salt And Sacrifice will entail.

“Player-versus-player combat in Salt And Sacrifice is far more dynamic than it was in Salt And Sanctuary,” teased Silva. “We’ve added sprinting with unique sprint attacks, many of which send foes flying (and gravity is still, as they say, the final boss). But getting blasted into oblivion isn’t the end: a lucky Inquisitor can use their grappling hook to cancel out of a fall, provided they plummet past the right sort of ledge.”

Silva added that there are “dozens” of Runic Arts for players to wield in combat, which are “powerful situation abilities” that can summon things from lightning shockwaves to swarms of insects.

PvP will seemingly work like invasions do in FromSoftware‘s Dark Souls titles, whereby players have the choice to invade other players’ otherwise single-player sessions.

Like these games, Salt And Sacrifice will let players join different factions that aim to achieve different goals during these invasions. While the Shroud Alliance will relish in simply killing other inquisitors, Blueheart Runners are “charged with destroying and looting the haze-tainted creatures of your realm, causing horrible monsters to spawn from the temporal rifts that spring forth in their wake.”

Salt And Sacrifice will be available on PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

In other news, a Russian teenager has been sentenced to five years in a penal colony after trying to blow up a government building in Minecraft.

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