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Samuel L. Jackson and Chadwick Boseman

Samuel L. Jackson has spoken of the last time he saw Chadwick Boseman and said the pair were planning on working together.

The Marvel actor, who spent time with Boseman at the world premiere of Captain Marvel told The Tamron Hall Show how much of an impact the Black Panther actor’s death had left on him.

“Yes, it’s sudden to us all,” Jackson said of the loss. “I was trying to remember the last time I’d actually seen Chadwick. And I was talking to Zoe, our daughter about it and it was at the Captain Marvel premiere.

“We walked and we started talking about another project that I had hoped that we were gonna work on. He was like, ‘I’m sorry, y’all, I’m not going to be there, but I wish we were gonna work together’.

He continued: “We were talking about it, we had planned it for a while and it was, you know, it’s gut-wrenching, you know, to lose someone that’s such an important part of the culture. In terms of what he became to the world with Black Panther.

“We all hope when we work that people will remember things that we will do. But he imprinted society in such a way, impacted especially the Black culture and giving kids a hero that they could aspire to. To lose him, I don’t even know if I could tell my kid that. It’s devastating.”

Chadwick Boseman passed away last month at the age of 43 after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. The actor was later buried near his hometown in South Carolina.

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