Annie Murphy and Chris Martin

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy has admitted she once “licked” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin‘s sweat at a concert.

The actress made the admission during a game of True Confessions with Seth Meyers on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. You can watch her confession below.

She claimed that it happened at a Coldplay concert during a meet and greet with her friends, 10 years ago.

Recalling the incident Murphy said she grabbed the frontman’s hand and “licked Chris Martin’s sweat off my own hand”.

Interjecting Fallon said: “[You] grabbed him [Martin], and he pulled away, and then you had his sweat on your hand, and your immediate reaction was to lick it off?”

This led the actress to proudly confirm that his description was correct before adding that my “friends looked at me with pride and disgust.”

Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that Murphy will be cast in season two of Netflix‘s Russian Doll.

It is unclear what her role will be or when the new series is likely to be released.

Elsewhere, the mansion featured in the opening episode Schitt’s Creek was recently put on sale for $14.98million (£10.75m).

The lavish property, which served as the original home of the Rose family before they lost all of their money, is based in Toronto, Canada. The mansion, inspired by the design of a French Chateau, was initially put on sale in 2018 for $21.78million (£15.79million) in 2018, but has been relisted recently at a new, lower price.

The mansion comprises 14 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms as well as a screening room and a recreation room, which are located across 24,000-ft. The property was originally constructed in 2012 and features a stately pool across an 0.55-acre outdoor area.

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