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Selena Gomez has revealed that she is a Kurt Cobain superfan, despite being born just two years before the Nirvana frontman died.

The singer was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday (February 23) when she was asked about whether there was an artist that she ever followed obsessively, and replied that it was the grunge icon that preoccupied her the most.

“My mom obviously would play all kinds of music for me growing up,” she said. “I kind of got obsessed and dyed my hair and cut my hair like him.”

“I know a little too much,” she added, saying that she had posters of Cobain on her walls and that she “would rewatch his interviews, I would watch his performances, I had seen his documentary like 12 times.”

The conversation came about after Gomez had taken part in a game of ‘Who Knows Selena Gomez’ against a super fan of her own – and lost.

She went up against a fan named Ashley to answer a series of questions about her life and work, including her total number of Instagram followers, her favourite snacks and her first on-screen kiss. Ashley ultimately won the contest, leading Gomez to exclaim, “I don’t know anything about myself!”

This week, Gomez released her flirty new single ‘Love On’, her first release of 2024 and a taste of her upcoming fourth album, which has not yet been announced.

The new record will be Gomez’ first album since 2020’s ‘Rare’. Reviewing that record, NME wrote that the “quietly confident star” wrestled back “her own narrative”. The three-star write-up added: “‘Rare’ is that most powerful and liberating of things – the sound of a woman becoming comfortable both on her own and in her own company.”

Last month, Gomez opened up about quitting music and said she would prefer to eventually focus on her acting career instead.

“I do feel like I have one more album in me but I would probably choose acting,” she said on the SmartLess podcast.

She’s now set to portray veteran musician Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic, and earlier this year, it was also revealed that Gomez would be reprising her role in the Disney sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place when it returns for a sequel series.

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