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Sharon Van Etten and Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker

Sharon Van Etten and Big Thief are among the 31 acts contributing to a new benefit album, ‘To the People of the Land: Carrizo​/​Comecrudo Solidarity Compilation’.

The album was curated by singer-songwriter Jordan Moser and Austin, Texas label Keeled Scales and also features contributions from Black Belt Eagle Scout, Aisha Burns and Little Wings, among others.

Tracks featured on the album include previously unreleased demos, such as Big Thief’s ‘Jane’ and Van Etten’s untitled song.

The compilation, released on October 9 through Bandcamp, will raise funds for the Estok’Gna, otherwise known as the Carrizo/Comecrudo tribe of Texas.

Currently, multiple liquid natural gas terminals and pipelines are planned on the land of the Estok’Gna. In addition, Texas regulations mean the Estok’Gna could face felony charges and fines for occupying and praying at their sacred sites.

“As indigenous people continue to lead the fight against the reckless fossil fuel industry, we are honoured to offer this compilation and its earnings in solidarity with everyone in the fight for racial justice and a livable future for all beings on planet earth,” a statement released through Bandcamp read.

The tracklist for ‘To the People of the Land: Carrizo/Comecrudo Solidarity Compilation’ is:

1. Aisha Burns – ‘Chinati’
2. Pablo. – ‘Looking Within (Land Back) (feat. Andy Torres)’
3. Black Belt Eagle Scout – ‘My Blood Runs Through This Land’
4. Sun June – ’16 Riders (demo)’
5. Molly Burch – ‘Every Little Thing (demo)’
6. Tenci – ‘Cold Dirty Water (demo)’
7. Big Thief – ‘Jane (demo)’
8. Renée Reed – ‘J’ai Trouvé’
9. Little Wings – ‘Movin Right Along’
10. Justin Boyd / Thor Harris: ‘The Godless Sky Looks On in Disbelief’
11. Jolie Holland – ‘Painted Bird’
12. Will Johnson – ‘Need of Trust and Thunder (demo)’
13. Julian Neel – ‘Carolina Wren’
14. Christelle Bofale – ‘And I’ll Go (demo)’
15. Jesse Wooten – ‘Sometimes to Rise’
16. Tele Novella – ‘He Needs Me’
17. Jess Williamson – ‘Harm None (live)’
18. Sleep Good – ‘Summertime Feeling’
19. Little Mazarn – ‘Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie’
20. RF Shannon – ‘Cedar Perfume’
21. Sharon Van Etten – ‘Untitled’
22. Jo Schornikow – ‘Election Year’
23. Twain – ‘The Kiss (demo)’
24. Karima Walker – ‘Uncovering’
25. Longriver – ‘The Way That It Is (alternate version)’
26. Jackie Venson – ‘Lost in Time (live)’
27. Jesse Woods – ‘Shattering My Shadow’
28. Jordan Moser – ‘Limestone Trail’
29. Cowboy Crisis – ‘Humming Still Goes Walking By’
30. Erin Duran – ‘Highway Blue (demo)’
31. Future Museums – ‘Jojoba Joy’

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