Slay The Spire

A fan-made expansion for Slay The Spire adds a new playable class and an alternate way to play the game.

The mod, called Downfall, started as a smaller project before blooming into a full expansion with its own Steam page (via PC Gamer).

The mod adds a new character class called the Hermit, whose cards gain bonuses depending on where they are in the player’s hand.

However, the main draw is the downfall mode. Players typically work their way up the spire defeating monstrous bosses, but in Downfall, players take control of a Boss and work their way from the top to bottom.

As explained by the Steam page: “Instead of engaging in a Normal Run, you may now play in the alternate Downfall Mode, as one of seven Villain characters (with more to come!), and protect the spire from those who would harm it.

“Despite there being a large number of them, these Villain characters have just as large of card pools, relics, potions, and everything else you’d expect from a complete character. Villains host slightly more complex designs and fresh mechanics than the Standard run characters, making way for all new strategies in deck drafting and builds.”

New cards will also be available in standard mode. These “boss” type cards have been added to the pool and are generally high-cost cards that can be purchased at the merchant.

The expansion also includes a daily run system, which will allow Slay The Spire players to log in and tackle a randomly determined run.

In other news, Netflix has acquired the game developer Boss Fight Entertainment to further improve its video game offerings. “This studio’s extensive experience building hit games across genres will help accelerate our ability to provide Netflix members with great games”, Netflix said in a statement.

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