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Sleaford Mods have cut a concert short in Madrid after a Palestinian scarf was thrown onto the stage during their performance.

The duo were playing at La Riviera in the Spanish capital yesterday (November 3) but decided to end the show early, leaving the stage after the item of clothing was repeatedly thrown at them.

The band subsequently addressed the situation on X, formerly Twitter. The band’s singer Jason Williamson wrote: “Don’t be asking me to pick sides for something I ain’t got any real idea about, at a gig.”

“I’m a singer. My job is music,” he continued. “The only real thing I know about War is that I’m sick and tired of premature death like we all are. Of the murder of anyone, under whatever fucking belief grid.”

Far Out Magazine has reported that the band were performing the song ‘Nudge It’, from their 2021 album ‘Spare Ribs’, when the scarf was first thrown onto the stage. Williamson threw the scarf back to the crowd and said that the gig would be curtailed if it happened again.

The scarf was in fact thrown back onto the stage again, prompting the band to walk off. It is reported that the concert had been going for roughly 90 minutes, with a number of tracks still remaining.

Several members of the Madrid crowd have responded to Sleaford Mods on X/Twitter, expressing their support for the band’s stance and sharing how much they enjoyed the performance.

Sleaford Mods recently released their new EP ‘More UK Grim’ on October 20, a follow-up to their most recent studio album ‘UK Grim’, which came out in March.

The duo are set to play London’s Alexandra Palace on December 2, at a show that will also feature Special InterestJohn Grant and Stewart Lee. Electronic titans, Hot Chip, will also DJ at the show. Find remaining tickets here.

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