Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor during his performance at Resurrection Fest, on 30 June, 2023 in Viveiro, Lugo, Galicia, Spain. Credit: Carlos Castro/Europa Press via Getty

Slipknot‘s mystery new member ‘Samples’ has spoken for the first time in a new interview.

‘Samples’, who replaced long-time keyboardist Craig Jones after his departure in June last year, has yet to have his identity confirmed by the band. ‘Samples’ can currently be identified by the black cracks over his mask and his mouth that is literally zipped shut.

Now, fans can hear his voice for the first time in a new promotional interview the band did with video game Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance. The band teamed up with the video game to create some masks.

In the video, ‘Samples’ (dubbed ‘New Guy’) says: “I think anybody who’s listened to Slipknot over the years or seen them, there’s an obvious darkness.

“It’s just strange, you know? When you have this on, it gives you a chance to really be someone — an alter ego. I think it just reflects a great opportunity to be able to release the beast, and it’s a great experience… I feel like it’s an amplified version of me, but perhaps if I was to step out and look at myself, I may notice a different persona.”

Take a look at the interview below:

Slipknot began teasing their new member in June last year, where they showed a picture of a black mask with red paint around its eyes and zipped-shut mouth. It spawned fan theories about who was behind the mask; some believed it was “still Craig with a completely different mask and persona”, whilst others narrowed it down to two members: Zac Baird or Nathan Church.

The former is a popular keyboardist in the metal scene, who has previously worked alongside Korn and Evanescence, as well as auditioned to join Nine Inch Nails.

Church on the other hand is most renowned for his work with the American nu-metal band Downthesun, and has been spotted hanging out with Slipknot’s drummer Clown in the past.

Although ‘Samples’ hasn’t been revealed as his official name, fans gave him the title after being christened christened ‘Greg Bones’, ‘The Gimp’, ‘Leatherface’, ‘Zipper Dude’ and ‘Hoodie Guy’.

The new nickname came about, however, when Slipknot posted photos of each member’s new mask to Instagram. Samples’ name was not listed alongside their instrument and the caption simply reads ‘Samples/Media’ instead, leading people to refer to them as Samples or Samples Media.

Slipknot recently confirmed that, as heavily rumoured, their new drummer was former Sepultura sticksman Eloy Casagrande. He took over the role from Jay Weinberg, who was let go late last year.

Since then, Casagrande has opened up about the “complicated” choice he had to make in leaving Brazilian metal legends to join Slipknot.

In other news, Corey Taylor has cancelled his second solo festival appearance due to illness.

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