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Snoop Dogg‘s younger half-brother Bing Worthington has died, the rapper has confirmed online.

Worthington, 44, was a music executive and had worked on projects at Snoop’s label Dogg Records, as well as previously serving as his tour manager. He briefly made music as part of the hip-hop group Lifestyle, whose sole album ‘Liquid Cocaine’ was released in 2003.

Snoop recently shared the news of Worthington’s passing on Instagram, where he has posted numerous tributes. “bac wit momma,” he captioned a photograph of his brother with their late mother Beverly Tate.

“Until we meet again,” he wrote on another upload before telling Worthington to “say hi to grandma” in a follow-up post. Later, Snoop said he would “miss that laugh and the way u made us smile”. He added: “keep mama company till we get there.”

The star told his followers that “prayer n family [was] getting [his] spirit back in order” in the wake of his brother’s death.


Worthington died last Thursday (February 15), according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in California (via Sky News).

In an email obtained by NBC News, Sergeant Frank Gonzalez said: “The cause of death will be pending the results of the toxicology and autopsy report.”

Miguel Lopez, who was also involved in launching Dogg Records with Worthington, said the exec had gone through “a tough time since his mom passed” in 2021.

Speaking to Vice in 2016, Worthington remembered “being on the road with Snoop”. He continued: “I started from the bottom, I ain’t just become the tour manager, I was just the road guy. I worked my way to the top.

“Even though I’m his brother he didn’t give me a top-ranked position. You can’t just become a president without knowing anything about being the president. You have to learn.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Worthington recalled contributing to the 2000 song ‘Be Thankful’ for Snoop’s rap group The Eastsidaz: “I was proud because I came in there and they let me in there as a young guy.

“They kinda put me to the test. They made me write the song and I came out with the hook, everybody loved it when I did it. And I was like, “OK I’m there, people are listening to me.”

It comes after Snoop Dogg’s daughter, singer Cori Broadus, recently suffered a “severe stroke” aged 24.

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