Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Robbie Williams

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has apologised for being “cruel” to Robbie Williams after a clip of Ellis-Bextor resurfaced in Williams’ recent Netflix documentary.

Addressing the clip in a new Instagram post today (November 12), Ellis-Bextor apologised to Williams and said she’d reached out to him “a few years back”, writing him a “note” apologising.

Since then, Ellis-Bextor said the pair have become friends and she revealed they had even “made some songs together”.

She wrote on Instagram: “In 1998, aged 19, I was very rude about @robbiewilliams and the clip of me being horrid is included in his brilliant Netflix documentary. I didn’t need to see it again to feel bad. I genuinely have felt crappy about how I spoke for the 25 years since I said it.

“I thought it was clever to be gobby back then but it wasn’t cool then and it’s even worse to see it now. Not proud. Not how I’m raising my kids. That being said, I wanted to reach out and apologise so a few years back I found an address for Robbie and wrote him a note to say how sorry I was. He was very gracious and forgiving.

“We ended up meeting last summer and I spent time with him, his amazing wife @aydafieldwilliams and his gorgeous kids. It was lovely to be able to become friends and we have now made some songs together.

“I suppose the morale of this story is, as ever, be kind. To own your mistakes. And if you’re ever cruel, try to make sure it’s not filmed as it’s bloody brutal to see sharp tongued teenage me after all these years! Yikes. Xx ps – watch the documentary. It’s great.”

Williams, whose solo career began as a member of boy-band Take That, offers a  commentary on his career, relationships, and struggles with mental health in his new documentary.

The four-part series, titled Robbie Williams, has been described by NME as “a persuasive account of the gulf that can occur between wealth and happiness, a simple sentiment that can be difficult to really feel. Like Robbie himself, the show’s imperfect and a little insular, but its emotional pull is undeniable.”

Elsewhere, Williams recently revealed that releasing ‘Rudebox’ was the “biggest regret” of his career.

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