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SoundCloud have started a new partnership with Dolby to offer its users ‘algorithmic audio mastering’ technology for just $4.99 (£4).

The new ‘Mastering on SoundCloud’ service is aiming to sit in between amateur and professional mastering, but at a significantly lower price than the latter.

In a blog post, SoundCloud revealed that the new programme approaches the mastering of songs with a method “similar to the way an engineer would”, adding that it will cost the same amount ($4.99) to master songs in any file type, including lossless formats.

“Dolby’s mastering technology doesn’t just analyse your track, it critically listens to your music similar to the way an engineer would – identifying the details, the sections, and musical transitions that give your song its unique story arc,” the blog post explains.

“Using the mastering profiles of your choice, this detailed ‘sonic map’ is then used to sculpt the tone and overall dynamic profile of your mix while prioritising your creative intent.”

The statement goes on to further explain that SoundCloud Pro subscribers will receive three free masters every month, while they’ll also be able to purchase more masters for $3.99 each.

Users are also able to try the new mastering service from SoundCloud for free for a month.

Back in April, SoundCloud announced a new plan to support struggling artists during the coronavirus pandemic.

The measures include a $5 million (£4 million) boost in free promotional support for all artists to drive more plays through the service’s Promote tool, along with a new direct fan-support button — which allows SoundCloud profiles to receive direct support from their followers through Kickstarter, Patreon, Bandcamp and Paypal.

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