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A new Inhumans Easter egg has been found in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Reddit user ElMechacontext shared an image of a Lockjaw The Bulldog statue that can be found in a secret hideout somewhere in-game, although the user did not confirm where the hideout is located. Lockjaw The Bulldog is a fan-favourite Marvel character, which serves as the protector of the Inhumans, and is best known for its powers of teleportation.

Check out the Easter egg below.

[Spider-Man: Miles Morales] This statue of Lockjaw the Bulldog can be found in a secret hideout from GamingDetails

Many players were quick to point out that the same statue appeared in the original 2018 Spider-Man game, as a way to replace the iconic real-life Charging Bull statue in the game due to legal reasons.

However, the image shared by ElMechacontext appears to be a second Lockjaw statue, as the original remains intact at the same spot as its 2018 predecessor – in the Financial District of Manhattan.

Lockjaw’s Easter egg in Spider-Man: Miles Morales happens to be the second most prominent secret found in the game so far, with the biggest being a tribute to the late actor Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed the Black Panther in the Marvel movies.

While the tribute to Boseman during the game’s credit reel was public knowledge ahead of the game’s release, reddit user RollieDell had discovered a second tribute, where the 42nd Street sign had been changed to Boseman Way in memory of the late actor.

In other Miles Morales news, a new update that was released last week fixed a number of issues that caused players’ screens to blackout while changing the time of day in-game, as well as not being able to change suits while using photo mode.

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