The lockpicking minigame in Starfield is now a fully-fledged free browser game thanks to a fan.

Spotted by Polygon, BB-Dev’s Starfield Digipick Simulator is available through itch.io and works on mobile devices too. In fact, the fan recently released an update that introduced streaks and a daily Master level lock for players to try to complete, similar to the way that Wordle and its derivatives challenge their communities.

“Bethesda games always have great lockpicking minigames for some reason and Starfield is no exception to that rule,” BB-Dev said. Starfield Digipick Simulator went down a storm with fellow fans with one requesting an app version of the game to play on the go.

However, BB-Dev explained that they would not commence work on that without Bethesda’s permission. “I hope they’ll see this is open source and let it slide. There’s a ton more I’d like to do with it, I have an idea for an endless mode that [might be] cool,” they replied.

‘Starfield Digipick Simulator’ Credit: BB-Dev via Github

It didn’t stop them from coming to the same conclusion, though. “Future-future development, this would make a great mobile game. Hit me up Todd,” BB-Dev said in the notes for the game on Github.

Starfield lets players live out their own sci-fi fantasy within that universe,” NME wrote in its four-star review of the game. Nevertheless, the scale of Starfield which had been lauded in the lead up to launch by Bethesda ended up being a factor in its undoing.

“There are infinitely more places to visit, but most are identical – a sea of nameless research labs, mines, and outposts – fun to shoot through for a few minutes, but otherwise forgettable,” described Andy Brown.

In other gaming news, The Elder Scrolls: Castles released in early access on Android platforms, offering players the chance to manage their kingdom and battle “classic Elder Scrolls foes”.

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