Thanks to the extensive options in Starfield‘s spaceship design feature, players are recreating some of their most cherished ships from sci-fi fiction.

Starfield is not officially out for PC and Xbox Series X|S, but those who shelled out for the Premium or Constellation edition of the game have been granted early access.

After at least seven years of development, excitement for the role-playing game is at an all time high, and fans are sharing their recreations of famous fictional spaceships in Starfield.

There’s this X-wing starfighter inspired ship, based on those flown by the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars:

My Star Wars X-Wing
by u/HatedPath in Starfield

As well as one that gets as close as possible to Anakin Skywalker’s Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor from Revenge Of The Sith:

I reattempted to build anakin jedi starfighter
by u/Spartantalk335 in Starfield

Reddit user AstalderS showed off their take on Mass Effect‘s Normandy SR-2, complete with a corresponding colour scheme and a tutorial on how to build it for yourself:

I give you the Normandy SR2-F (for Fat)
by u/AstalderS in Starfield

Opting for a more ominous tone in their travels across Starfield‘s space, another player recreated the USCSS Nostromo. Horror fans will instantly recognise the silhouette from Ridley Scott’s Alien:

My rendition of the USCSS Nostromo
by u/TheWorldHitBottom in Starfield

Last, but by no means least as the subreddit is brimming with clever constructions, is the Warmaster Horus’ flagship, the Vengeful Spirit:

by u/SUBRE in Starfield

Before the launch of the game, Bethesda director Todd Howard expressed his gratitude to the fans on behalf of the entire Starfield team.

“I can remember when this sub started, and as it’s grown, your excitement has fuelled all of us at Bethesda. We like to say we have gaming’s smartest fans, and you certainly are,” he said. “The fact that all of you care enough to build a community around it means the world to us.”

In other news, a paid mod that significantly improves and smooths Starfield‘s visuals was released for free by a disgruntled fan who disagreed that the modder should receive compensation for their efforts.

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