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The external shell files for the Steam Deck have been made public by Valve so buyers can print their own skins and modify the portable PC’s shell however they like.

All of the computer-aided design (CAD) files, consisting of digital plans and drawings, have been released under a Creative Commons license, meaning anyone can create their own skins, accessories and any other modifications for the Steam Deck.

Those creating physical modifications for the Steam Deck must give proper attribution to Valve, not “claim or imply” association with the company, and not use the files and any potential modifications for commercial purposes.

Every relevant file is on GitLab, including .stl and .stp, and Valve says it is “looking forward to seeing what the community creates”. One of the files has an email address that players can contact for questions, feedback, requests and anything else.

Steam Deck credit: Valve

Resources include a wireframe render of the portable, blueprint-looking CAD files that showcase the scale and design of the PC and in-depth details of the specifics of the shell as well.

Valve has already stated that eager players can take apart the Steam Deck as they see fit, although this will void the portable’s warranty if the product is damaged in the process.

The Steam Deck is set to start shipping on February 28, and plenty of developers have been singing the portable’s praises ahead of its release. As it stands, over 100 titles have been Steam Deck verified, meaning they’ve been edited so they can be played on the portable’s day of release.

In other news, the upcoming horror title Martha Is Dead will have its physical editions delayed on PS4 and PS5, as the game is set to be censored in some form on those platforms.

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