Super Junior’s Heechul

Super Junior singer and actor Heechul has said in a new interview that he wants to “quit being an idol”.

The star debuted with the SM Entertainment boyband in 2005 and has also released solo material, as well as with the sub-unit Super Junior-T and more.

During an appearance on Thursday Night, the YouTube series hosted by URBAN ZAKAPA’s Cho Hyuna, Heechul discussed the future of his career in the music industry.

“In my twenties, I used to want to kiss myself every time I looked in the mirror. I was proud of myself after performing as well,” he reflected (translated by SBS Star). “The older I got, the shyer and more embarrassed I’ve become to perform on stage.

“All the members of my group are still so fine, aren’t they? They’re currently in their 40s. Can you believe that? It’s crazy that they look like that in their 40s. I’m truly impressed by how well they take care of themselves.”

He continued to share that his bandmate Yesung had told him they should continue being idols in their fifties and sixties too. “That clashes with my view, though,” Heechul explained. “Because, honestly, I want to quit being an idol.”

The singer reasoned that being an idol is “simply my career, not my life”. “The members of Super Junior and I actually had a number of discussions on this subject,” he continued.

Noting that he was struggling with how his appearance was changing with age, he added: “My fans loved the way I looked before. It would just be so nice if I could magically maintain my looks and vibes from my 20s, but… That’s difficult too.

“That means I would have to completely cut down on alcohol and carbs. I’m not confident to quit doing all those things at all. If I do that, I would feel like I’ve lost my happiness, you know.”

Earlier this month, Heechul’s Super Junior bandmate Kyuhyun revealed he was “made” to get plastic surgery, sharing that he had surgery that gave him double eyelids.

“I only did my eyes though,” he stated. “But many called me ‘plastic monster’. Isn’t it really mean for them to call me ‘plastic monster’ when the only surgery I got was double eyelid surgery?”

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