Kingdom Hearts Sora

Adding Kingdom Hearts character Sora to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a complicated process, creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained.

Discussing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in his latest Famitsu column (via PushDustin), Sakurai reveals that he initially thought that bringing Sora to the game would be impossible.

“Sora was supervised by Disney and Square Enix,” said Sakurai. “This meant there were a lot of high hurdles to his inclusion and many guidelines to follow.”

The rights issues surrounding Sora were so complicated that the second Fighter Pass was originally meant to have just five new characters. Thankfully, Sakurai and his team persisted and eventually met with a Disney representative at an awards event.

“That meeting alone wouldn’t be able to get Sora into Smash Bros,” he explained. “The higher-ups could feel differently, and talks could fall apart. After long and careful discussions with Square, Nintendo and Disney, the okay was finally given. Fighter Pass 2 has six Fighters.”

Sora joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier this week as part of the Fighter Pack II bundle and is also available as a stand-alone purchase for £5.39.

The keyblade-wielding hero from Kingdom Hearts is one of the most requested characters when it comes to the Smash Bros. roster – a key factor in deciding whether to bring him into the game.

Now in-game, Sora is classed as a lighter fighter, with his lack of weight being Sora’s greatest weakness. As long as his opponent can get close enough to hit him with a smash attack. Sora makes up for this with his airborne combat skills using his signature keyblade.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players will be able to unleash rapid three-hit combos, similar to Sora’s fighting style in Kingdom Hearts. His final Smash attack is “Sealing the Keyhole” – an ability that showcases Sora’s magical skills.

Meanwhile, Twitch has announced it’s now testing a new rewind feature.

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