The System Shock remake is apparently playable “from beginning to end” according to a recent Kickstarter update, but it isn’t finished yet.

In an update to the System Shock Kickstarter page, developer Nightdive Studios provided details on where they are at with the development of the remake. “At the time of writing, it’s in a position where the game can essentially be finished from beginning to end!” reads the post. “What we are currently focusing on is polishing up the levels, and incorporating additional art, animations, and creating a ton of secondary assets that were once far lower in priority.”

As part of an FAQ, Nightdive also addressed the question of a release date, saying that they “recognize the game has been in development for a long time” and that they “have Kickstarter backers who want to play the game they entrusted us to make. We want it done right.”

System Shock remake
System Shock. Credit: Nightdive Studios

They assured backers that there is “nothing to suggest” the System Shock remake won’t be released. And Nightdive also noted in the post that the team is made up of only 15 people, explaining part of why the game has taken so long.

The Kickstarter was successfully funded in 2016, coming up to eight years ago now. Multiple target release estimates have come and gone, with backers wondering when a final release date will be locked in.

A System Shock TV show is also in development from the Mortal Kombat movie writer for the streaming service Binge.

In other news, A Better Ubisoft has released an update on working conditions at Ubisoft in a new letter. “We’re tired of having to repeatedly explain these seemingly obvious points to a management team who are either accidentally ignorant or simply don’t want to listen,” reads the letter.

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