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Taeyeon has revealed that the team she had worked with for her latest studio album was not in favor of making ‘INVU’ the title track.

During a recently press conference for the release of ‘INVU’, the Girls’ Generation leader spoke about the record’s recording process and delved into how the song ‘INVU’ eventually became the title track, despite pushback from her team.

“The moment I heard the demo track of ‘INVU’, I immediately thought ‘This is the one’,” Taeyeon recalled. “[But] to be very honest, the team that was working on the album with me wasn’t in favor of choosing this as a title track,”

“It was a tricky situation because everybody was saying ‘No’ and I was the only one who was saying ‘Yes!’,” she added. Despite the pushback from her team, Taeyeon said she was determined to stick by her decision, saying that “it was a bold decision, but I had confidence.”

Elsewhere during the press conference, Taeyeon also spoke about the themes that inspired the music video for ‘INVU’. “[The song] is about a main character who is hurt by love but nonetheless gives it all when it comes to love, and I wanted to express this through strong, warlike visuals in the music video,” she said.

“It’s a new kind of image and visual that I haven’t tried before, such as hairstyles and outfits in various mystical sets that remind the viewers of Greek mythology, such as an ancient temple, a desert and a pond with a reflection of the moon.”

Aside from ‘INVU’, Taeyeon’s 13-track new album of the same name also includes ‘Can’t Control Myself’, which the star had unveiled last month, as well as her hit 2021 city pop-inspired song ‘Weekend’.

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