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Take Care Of Maya viewers have been left in tears over the documentary’s emotional conclusion.

Directed by Henry Roosevelt, the Netflix documentary follows the story of Maya Kowalski, who was rushed to hospital, aged 10, in Florida with crippling stomach pain. Her symptoms were later connected to the rare neurological condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (known as CRPS).

During the hospital visit, Maya was separated from her parents for over three months after her mother, Beata, was accused of child abuse due to Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disorder in which a caregiver fakes or causes symptoms to make a child look sick.

Beata had to complete a court-ordered psychological evaluation. She was later determined to not have an illness, but died by suicide 87 days after she had been separated from her daughter.

In a note, Beata wrote: “I no longer can take the pain being away from Maya and being treated like a criminal. I cannot watch my daughter suffer in pain and keep getting worse.”

Voice recordings from Beata are played at the end of the documentary, which have struck a particularly emotional chord with viewers.

“These voice recordings of Beata to Maya at the end are heartbreaking,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “The end of Take Care Of Maya broke me. This is why I keep every voice note and voicemail. Hearing the recordings of Beata repeatedly telling Maya she loves her made my heart break.”

You can check out more reactions below.

The Kowalski family, including Maya’s father Jack and her younger brother Kyle, have filed a lawsuit against Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. A trial is expected to start in September.

Maya, now 17, recently gave an update on her health prior to the documentary. “I do my best to push through,” Maya told People. “I’ve already missed a lot, so I want to make the most of life now.”

Take Care Of Maya is available to stream on Netflix.

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