The Legend OF Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. Credit: Nintendo.

A new trailer for The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom has been released, offering a fresh look at what’s changed in Hyrule since 2017’s Breath Of The Wild.

There’s plenty to break down in the trailer – Hyrule itself has physically changed with new lands to explore in the sky, and Link now has access to a number of vehicles. However, taking a look at certain frames of the trailer also reveals a number of monsters from the Zelda series that weren’t present in Breath Of The Wild.

One of which, visible at the 0:56 mark of the trailer, appears to be a ReDead, the shrieking zombies that paralyse Link to grab and bite him if he gets too close. First introduced in Ocarina Of Time, ReDeads gained a reputation for being significantly scarier than anything else in the game, and later appeared in Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, and Tri Force Heroes.

However, ReDeads were absent from Breath Of The Wild – meaning it’s been eight years since the zombies appeared in a mainline Zelda game. Their return would line up with Tears Of The Kingdom‘s darker atmosphere, which has been teased since the game’s first  trailer.

Long-time fans of the series can spot what appears to be Gleeok (thanks, GamesRadar), a multi-headed dragon that last appeared in 2007’s The Phantom Hourglass. The dragon can be spotted watching over a bridge at the 0:31 minute mark of the trailer.

Outside of Hyrule’s villains, the trailer shows that Link will get some new tools of his own – including homing arrows, a number of vehicles, and more Sheikah Slate abilities.

The trailer debuted during the Nintendo Direct showcase last night (February 8), where Nintendo also announced that Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games are being brought to the Switch.

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