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Temples have shared a new song, produced by Sean Ono Lennon – listen to ‘Paraphernalia’ below.

The new track follows the band’s 2019 full-length album ‘Hot Motion’, and came together after the band met Ono Lennon through his band Claypool Lennon Delirium, who Temples share a label with.

“I’d always been a fan of the band,” Lennon said of the track, which was written while the band were in the studio recording ‘Hot Motion’.

“Had seen them play some pretty great shows over the years. When I first heard the demo for ‘Paraphernalia’ I knew they had a great tune.”

Temples vocalist and guitarist James Bagshaw also spoke of the song’s meaning, adding: “In an age of constant distraction, we all strive to find focus and a sense of calm. Paraphernalia questions the depth of ‘real’ connections in a digital world.”

Temples’ latest album ‘Hot Motion’ followed their 2017 record ‘Volcano’, which NME called “more of a technical progression than an artistic one” in a four-star review, “but it’s no less impressive for that”.

“Temples might be missing the spark of genius and/or insanity that set their idols apart, and are occasionally guilty – as on ‘In My Pocket’ or ‘How Would You Like To Go?’ – of using psychedelic window-dressing to embellish otherwise unremarkable songs, but they remain supremely gifted melodists and assiduous students of the past,” the review concluded.

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