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As the coronavirus pandemic forces the world’s citizens to quarantine and distance themselves socially, artists and fans are finding inventive ways to connect remotely. One example is a new content sharing platform ISOLATE/CREATE, started by hardcore band The Armed.

The platform allows artists to collaborate and share their work with fans in a transparent, open-source fashion. Artists and creators upload various digital assets — multi-tracks, song stems, video files — encouraging users to make their own creations out of these virtual building blocks. The Armed initially started the concept last week with “Apocalypse Song”, expanding on that model with ISOLATE/CREATE.

Artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Converge, Pelican, and La Dispute, among others, have contributed content to the platform’s initial launch. The overall goal is spark creativity “all while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping to flatten the curve.”

“It’s easy to feel very helpless right now in light of recent global events,” The Armed said in a press release. “With limited resources and income opportunities dwindling by the day, it’s hard to know what exactly anyone can do to help. Well, according to science and simple math (two pretty solid authorities), the biggest thing most of us can do for each other right now is stay in and chill. This, of course, can have its own depressing implications.”

The website itself makes its mission statement plain and clear: “Stay at home and make something cool. All for the greater good of stopping the literal apocalypse.”

Thus, we have ISOLATE/CREATE. Users can share their custom creations on the social media with the hashtag “isolatecreate”.

For more information and downloads to the digital assets, visit the ISOLATE/CREATE website.

The Armed, Chelsea Wolfe, Converge, and More Provide Creative Content for Musicians Isolating at Home
Jon Hadusek


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