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Last Of Us II Safe 1

The Last Of Us Part II’s safe codes constitute some of the game’s most intricate puzzles, and can be difficult to figure out even for the most trained collectible sleuths out there. Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’ve been playing and noting down these codes as I go. In this article are hints and solutions that’ll hopefully lead you towards the all-important Safecracker trophy and the lovely loot hiding within each of these secure boxes.

If you’re just jumping into The Last Of Us Part II at launch and wish to figure out the locations and codes behind every safe in the game, read on to learn how to crack them!

Spoiler Warning: Given that I’m touching upon every safe in the game, this article will span the entire plot of The Last Of Us Part II and inevitably reveal locations, set pieces and characters that you might not want to see if you’re just starting out. The game’s unusual structure makes guides very tricky – just know that if you’re cracking safes as you push through the campaign, please scroll with caution, and be very careful peeking in the second half of the article. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

A note on Advanced Listen Mode

In the accessibility menu of The Last Of Us Part II you can turn on a feature called Advanced Listen Mode. Once activated, press R1 + Circle and Ellie will ping her surroundings to find items and artefacts. If you’re a completionist I recommend you turn this on – it’s a good method to find safes and the collectibles which point you towards the codes that will crack them.

Safe 1: Jackson, Patrol

Location: In the first chapter of the game when you’re with Dina in Wyoming. After embarking on a patrol, you’ll enter a supermarket that’s positively filled with dangerous Cordyceps spores. Once you’ve both pulled your gas masks on, head to the right and push through this new area until you find a cafeteria with a side door you can open. The safe (seen featured above) is in here, but you need a code.

Solution: The solution to this safe is quite easy to find. All you have to do is read the collectible letter on the table in the room with the safe. It will tell you that the code corresponds to the year when the writer’s dog got employee of the month at the supermarket. Sounds wild, I know, but follow your nose and head out the door, and back towards the way you came in. On the wall to your right will be a display of the employee of the month pictures. Find the odd one out and you’ll notice it says July 2013. July corresponds to ‘07’ in numeric terms, so the code is as below.

Code: 07-20-13

Safe 2, Seattle Day 1, Downtown

Last Of Us II Safe 2
Credit: Jordan Oloman

Location: When you’re riding your horse into downtown Seattle at the start of this section, hang left and follow the leftmost wall until you reach a little alcove you can crawl into to reach an overgrown bank from the old world which is full of clickers. It’s a nightmare… but once you’ve killed every zombie, head over to the far corner of the room and into the ‘Safety Deposit’ area to find the bank vault, which requires a code to open.

Solution: On one of the corpses near the vault, there will be a collectible called ‘Bank Heist Plans’ which talks about when the guards change, but more importantly, gives you the vault code so you can get inside.

Code: 60-23-06

Safe 3, Seattle Day 1, Downtown

Last Of Us II Safe 3
Credit: Jordan Oloman

Location: Head to the back of the open-world area in downtown Seattle to find this safe. It’s in an alcove to the right of the synagogue (domed building) past the checkpoint you need to climb over. Alternatively, face the courthouse and turn around. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see an overturned car and a sign for Gate West 2.

Solution: In this little cubby, there’s a safe on your right you can unlock using the ‘Checkpoint Gate Codes’ note you have to pick up as part of the story in The Gate section just prior to the Downtown part of the game. The note will tell you that the Gate West 2 code is 0451, which is a cheeky Deus Ex reference (Google it!).

Code: 04-51

Safe 4, Seattle Day 1, Downtown

Last Of Us II Safe 4
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: This one isn’t hard to miss as it’s not located in an optional location. When you end up in the bottom floor of the courthouse you’ll stumble upon dead security guards and enter a police lockup. There’s a safe in here under a desk near the window.

Solution: All you have to do here is turn around from the safe and look at the whiteboard. The code is written on there for everyone to see!

Code: 86-07-22

Safe 5, Seattle Day 1, Capitol Hill

Last Of Us II Safe 5
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: In the area where you stumble into a gym and are introduced to proximity mines after discovering Tommy’s horse, there’s a furniture shop you can enter. If you push through here you’ll know you’ve found the safe when you have a… curb-stomp flavoured run-in with a Clicker. In this room, there’s a safe.

Solution: The collectible on the noticeboard outside will tell you that you need the last five digit of Staci’s phone number. These are scrawled on the wall in the bathroom to the left of the board, next to the vending machine.

Code: 55-01-33

Safe ?, Seattle Day 1, The Tunnels

Last Of Us II Door
Credit: Jordan Oloman

Location: I know this isn’t really a safe, but it makes sense to list it here as it’s certainly part of the same puzzle category! After you have your run-in with the no-good Shamblers in The Tunnels underneath Seattle, you’ll be allowed a short breather in a maintenance tunnel with a number of side rooms. If you find the room with a caged door, it’s to your left and through. In here you’ll find a locked door that needs a code to enter.

Solution: So this one is a little tricky, and I’m not too sure where the final piece of the puzzle is as I brute-forced it myself. On the table, there’s a clip of a paper that informs you about the code, but what you really want is a can from the vending machine right next to it which has the code attached. It only gives you the first three numbers 152, but once you’ve punched in the code into the aforementioned door, the game will guide your hand to choose four and then three to solve the puzzle.

Code: 15243

Safe 6, Seattle Day 2, Hillcrest

Last Of Us II Safe 6
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: When you start the Hillcrest section of the game, you’ll arrive at a long street with a liquor store and a number of other businesses. There’s an alley behind the left row of shops (spot the tattoo parlour and head through the back to find it) and in the far corner in the top left there’s a green safe in a disconnected room where uh… actually, we’ll let you figure out what happens when you try to head in there.

Solution: Walk across the road from the tattoo parlour to the right side of the street and check the names of these shops until you find the pet food store and head in there. Walk around to the back through the bar and there’s a note on the left wall in the kitchen. This will tell you the code for the safe back on the other side of the street.

Code: 30-82-65

Safe 7, Seattle Day 2, The Seraphites

Last Of Us II Safe 7
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: On your way to the hospital, you’ll see a truck on your left that you can climb onto to get into an apartment after hopping up some girders. Once inside, head left to use the workbench (no further comment from me!). As soon as that’s wrapped up, head through the apartment and into a white door at the other end of the room where you’ll finda bedroom with a safe.

Solution: To solve this one, you need to figure out the wedding date of the couple who lived in this now-abandoned house. This seems quite tricky at first, but in the same room as the safe, there’s a calendar on the other side of the bed that’ll give you the date 10/08/13. Now, take 30 years from that, and you’ve got…

Code: 10-08-83

Safe 8, Seattle Day 2, The Seraphites

Last Of Us II Safe 8
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: Still on the way to the hospital, there’s a section where you start swimming in a broken road, if you hang left and climb out there’s an elevated section with a supermarket called Weston’s that you can enter. Near the counter, go prone and crawl underneath into the section with the safe.

Solution: The code is behind the pharmacy counter outside of the room, and will tell you everything you need to know to crack this safe.

Code: 38-55-23

Safe 9, Seattle Day 3, The Flooded City

Last Of Us II Safe 9
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: When you get the boat in Seattle Day 3 during The Flooded City segment, there’s a section where you’ll drop down a mini waterfall and pass a forklift before the game forces you to get out to open a gate. Instead of doing that, head to the left of this flooded room to go up the stairs, then crawl under the debris in the far right corner and drop from above into the caged room with the safe in it.

Solution: The note with the code on it is to the left at the top of the stairs from the flooded room we told you to head up. Once you’ve got it, climb through the debris, drop down and crack the safe.

Code: 70-12-64

SPOILER WARNING: We warned you, don’t go past this point if you want to stay in the dark about this game’s unusually structured plot. Only return once you find another safe after Safe 9, please!

Safe 10, Seattle Day 1, On Foot

Last Of Us II Safe 10
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: After you leap across the hanging boat and end up outside using the hatch, drop down and you’ll see a trailer. Towards the trainyard, you’ll see a crack in a concrete wall you can slip through to find a safe.

Solution: Go back to the trailer and smash one of the windows with a bottle and climb in. On the corkboard, there’s a pinned lottery ticket with a circled number, which the owners call “the big win” in a note in the trailer. This is your code!

Code: 17-38-07

Safe 11, Seattle Day 1, Hostile Territory

Last Of Us II Safe 11
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: When you reach the alley full of shops after leaving Manny, look to your left for a store called Jasmine Bakery. Head in there by smashing the window and the safe is hidden behind the counter at the back.

Solution: To solve this puzzle, progress through the shop section until you have to leap to the other side of the street. Once you’ve done that, there’s a note in the shop to the left atop some boxes, which will give you the code.

Code: 68-96-89

Safe 12, Seattle Day 1, The Coast

Last Of Us II Safe 12
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: When Abby makes it to the boat, you’ll eventually head up to the second floor, what’s known as the Sun Deck. As soon as you make it up there, turn around, and you’ll find a safe in the room behind you.

Solution: You get the code for this safe at the end of the hallway where you pick up the crossbow. The game doesn’t really suggest that you should head down there, but clean it out with your bolts and go grab the note at the end for the code.

Code: 90-77-01

Safe 13, Seattle Day 2, The Shortcut

Last Of Us II Safe 13
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: When you’re heading to the hospital with Lev, you’ll pass through an apartment with a large number of rooms and a table in the middle which includes a conversation between the people trapped in the different rooms and a whiteboard. Turn around from the whiteboard and enter the room behind you for the safe.

Solution: The code for this safe is a combination of two apartment numbers, as noted in the Neighbor Exchange sheet you can find on the table in the thoroughfare. Head out of the complex and turn left to see the number of the apartment that is missing from the sheet, which is 304.

Code: 30-23-04

Safe 14, Seattle Day 2, The Descent

Last Of Us II Safe 14
Image: Jordan Oloman

Location: After you fall into a pool with Lev, you’ll enter a gym. Push through until you hit a back wall, and enter the furthest room to the left, or the other side of the hall from the juice bar (don’t enter the middle door as you will progress the plot) – you should find yourself in a storage cupboard with a safe in it.

Solution: Head back into the gym area from this room and look at the wall to your left, you should see that there’s a plaque to tell people in the gym the WiFi code. Well, it turns out that the WiFi code is also the solution to the safe!

Code: 12-18-79

And with that, you’ve unlocked every safe in the game and the Safecracker trophy should pop imminently, pushing you one step closer to the Platinum. Congratulations!

The Last Of Us Part II is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. Read our review here.

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