Jamie-Lynn Sigler

The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler has criticised “healthy and perfect” people that choose to take the weight-loss drug Ozempic.

The actress, who played Tony Soprano’s daughter Meadow on the beloved show, was speaking on her MeSsy podcast with Christina Applegate, where she said that the current trend for the drug has left her “a little triggered”.

“I’m annoyed at myself that I’m admitting this,” she said. “It’s upsetting me. I wish I didn’t care.”

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

Both Sigler and Applegate have been open about their experiences with eating disorders in the past, and Sigler was keen to emphasise that she has seen and supports the positive effect the drug has had on people she knows who have “struggled with their weight for a very, very, very long time”.

“I have also seen friends of mine, who were beautiful and healthy and perfect, abusing it, and it’s upsetting me,” she added.

“It felt like we were on this road to solidifying body positivity, and every shape and size and color, and everyone’s looking the same now.”

Ozempic was first approved for medical use in the US in 2017 and is a prescribed medication originally used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, and which is also now used for long-term weight management and as an anti-obesity medication.

Last year, Sigler revealed that James Gandolfini would often publicly doubt himself and proclaim “I fucking suck” on set during the making of the HBO classic, saying she felt it was primarily a way for him to help his fellow actors.

“It had nothing to do with his confidence,” Sigler told the Inside of You podcast. “He would question himself. There would be moments where he’d be like, ‘I fucking suck,’ but I appreciated that because I’ve had those thoughts but I didn’t say them out loud because I don’t want anybody to know that I think I suck. He was confident enough to say it out loud.”

The Sopranos ran for six seasons, clocking up 86 episodes between 1999 and 2007.

Gandolfini died on June 19, 2013, aged 51. A prequel film to The SopranosThe Many Saints of Newark, was released in 2021.

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