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The Walking Dead actress Sarah Wayne Callies has poked fun at her co-star Andrew Lincoln’s inexperienced driving while the pair were filming season one.

Callies, who portrayed Lori, the wife of Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes in the series, revealed in a new interview that the actor had only recently passed his driving test before shooting a wild car scene.

Speaking on fellow Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s isolation chat show Friday Night In With The Morgans, Callies said: “If you remember, there’s that really cool shot [in season one] where they lay out the spike strip and then they back up the cop car.

“I guess when you learn to drive later in life you don’t develop the same instincts. So Andy didn’t know that you have to slow down around a turn, or that when you’re going in reverse you should go slower than when you are going forward.”

The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes
The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes

She continued: “So he went reverse in that shot – honestly, I think it was almost 40 miles an hour. You can see in the shot, Jon Bernthal [Shane Walsh] gets out of the car shitting himself. I’ve never seen Jon more scared.”

In other news, Morgan, who plays Negan in the zombie drama, has given an update on the status of The Walking Dead‘s next season. He admitted that it’s currently a “waiting game to see what’s going to happen”.

The show’s season ten finale A Certain Doom has been unable to be completed due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning the episode will be aired at a later date.

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