Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 appears to be the next entry in the series according to new branding for an energy drink that was circulated on social media site X.

The images, that were shared by Call Of Duty specialist site Charlie Intel, show new Monster Energy boxes that featured Captain John Price and a logo for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The can itself also unveiled what might be a new look for Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley.

Regarding the leak of the new Monster Energy branding for Modern Warfare 3, Activision responded cryptically. “Whew. Mondays. Anyone have an energy drink they can spare?” read the post on X, and fans applauded Activision’s sense of humour about the possible blunder.

Earlier this month, a handful of NBA players got a glimpse of the next Call Of Duty game in an event held in Las Vegas. However, they weren’t permitted to play the game, and were only shown a demo.

Bloomberg‘s Jason Schreier claimed that Sledgehammer Games‘ next offering would be an “expansion” to Modern Warfare 2 and that means this Modern Warfare 3 might not be a fully fledged campaign. “It’s supposed to have lots of content! Maybe that’s why they call it a “full” release. But it’s more MW2,” said Schreier.

Speculation was swirling that the “next full premium release” in the series would be Modern Warfare 3 after actor Warren Kole posted a photo on Instagram of himself in a motion-capture suit. Commander Phillip Graves, who was played by Kole, was presumed dead at the end of Modern Warfare 2 and while the actor did not confirm or deny what role he was taking on in his post, fans suspected that Graves will be returning.

In other gaming news, Star Wars Outlaws players will balance their reputation between the powerful crime syndicates ruling this corner of the galaxy, and if it benefits them, they might even betray their leaders.

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