Netflix - Tim Robinson in season two of 'I Think You Should Leave'

Tim Robinson is set to appear in Computer School, a new comedy written and executive produced by Robinson and I Think You Should Leave… co-writer Zach Kanin.

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Computer School sees a recent US high school graduate and his uncle (Robinson) attend the same computer class in suburban Michigan (per Deadline). Robinson will co-star in the single-camera pilot, which is directed by Andrew Gaynord (Stath Lets Flats).

Robinson and Kanin, who met while working together on Saturday Night Live, are best known for cult Netflix sketch show I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson, with its second season airing last July.

Comprised partly of sketches rejected during Robinson’s time as a writer for SNL, the show has featured guest appearances from Bob Odenkirk, Andy Samberg, Vanessa Bayer and the late Fred Willard, among others, and garnered critical praise for its bold style of humour and offbeat re-imaginings of everyday situations.

I Think You Should Leave
Tim Robinson in ‘I Think You Should Leave…’ CREDIT: Netflix

Upon the release of the second season of I Think You Should Leave…, NME wrote: “The show has been lauded for its refreshing avoidance of open political goals in favour of everyday social faux pas taken to their screaming extremes, as well as its attempts to flesh out its primarily one-issue characters – they really like complicated shirt patterns, say, or hate sharing the most meat-loaded nachos – with glimpses of deeper emotional lives, the wounds behind their obsessions.

“But ultimately, it’s a show that nudges your rib and whispers ‘at least you’re not that guy…'”

Computer School is set to air on HBO Max, who have also just released The Larry David Story, a two-part documentary in which the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator discusses his childhood and career breakthroughs with director Larry Charles.

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