Tobias Forge

Tobias Forge has announced he has started writing the new Ghost album.

In an interview with Metal Hammer (via Louder Sound), the frontman revealed he was already working on the successor to last year’s record ‘Impera‘. Forge said he had “a few songs” ready for Ghost’s upcoming sixth album.

“I like to compare what I’m doing to being a chef,” he said. “A chef with a few different interests and specialities. So you might start a few different restaurants – an Italian one, a Greek one, an Asian Fusion one. But what they all have in common is the seasoning and the decor and the interior design… the secret sauce.

“With me, each record, each new cycle, is a new restaurant, but I don’t have to sit with an empty paper and come up with something new every time because the secret sauce is the same. If it comes from my notebook, it will sound like Ghost.”

Forge also spoke about working with outside collaborators, including Klas Åhlund (Britney Spears, Charli XCX), Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare (Madonna, Avicii), and former Cardigans member Peter Svensson.

“What they all have in common is that they all come from a rock background,” Forge said. “Peter from The Cardigans is an old hard rocker, Klas Åhlund is an old metalhead. These are friends of mine, and we’re very fluent together. I know that when I’ve taken an idea as far as I can, then they can go, ‘Maybe we can do this, maybe we could go that way…’ All of a sudden, that opens my head. It becomes multi-dimensional. I think better when I have someone in the room that I trust. It makes me write better, because I get challenged.”

Ghost spoke to NME in April of this year about their new covers EP ‘Phantomine’, where Forge revealed that ‘Phantomime’ could “cast a glimpse as to where I want to go with the band now”.

“That doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’re going to sound like Television!” he said. “It just means that there are practical things in there that have inspired me to record this EP in a slightly different way than I have done previously.”

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